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Pic: AndySampson/BNPS

Fools gold - hapless detectorists Paul Adams and Andy Sampson.

Fools gold...Two hapless treasure hunters thought they had struck it rich when they found a hoard a gold coins - only to discover they were fakes buried for the TV comedy Detectorists.

Metal detectorist Paul Adams began dancing around a field, crying out 'Roman gold! Roman gold!' when he stumbled upon a handful of ancient coins.

Colleague Andy Sampson dashed across to help and to their astonishment within minutes they had unearthed 54 Roman gold coins, potentially worth £250,000.

The pair spent 24 hours believing the treasure to be genuine and they even started thinking about what to blow their windfall on.

But the next day an expert told them he feared the coins were fake before it was confirmed they had been left in a field by the film crew making the hit BBC series Detectorists.