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Julie Harding (McPherson) is reunited with surgeon Eric Birkbeck(l) and his assistany Andy Travis(r) on the RY Britannia.

A navy wren who made history when she was transferred to Royal Yacht Britannia for emergency treatment in its sick bay has told how she was pampered by the Queen.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip visited Julie Harding on her sick bed, arranged for the Royal band to play to her and showered her with gifts and food after she unexpectedly interrupted their summer cruise in 1992.

The 18-year-old wren was serving on HMS Brilliant which was escorting Britannia around the Western Isles of Scotland when she suffered a gruesome injury to her fingers in an accident on board.

Due to a lack of medical resources on the Royal Navy frigate, Mrs Harding was transferred to the Royal yacht so she could be operated on by the Queen's doctors.

Mrs Harding has returned to Britannia, now a floating museum at Leith, to be reunited with the medics who treated her to mark the 25th anniversary of the event.