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BN_4MillionPoundLetter_02.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Christies/BNPS..***Please use full byline***..The secret off life - Sold today for £4million.....Most dads dread having to tell their son of the meaning of life but for Francis Crick it was a hugely exciting moment - as he had just literally discovered it...A letter by the famed British scientist to his 12-year-old son in which he reveals for the first time the discovery of DNA has come to light...The handwritten letter, that has today sold for an astonishing £4million at auction in New York, was sent by Dr Crick to son Michael weeks before an official report revealing the historic finding to the world...In it, the biologist who went on to win the Nobel Prize for his work, wrote of having made 'a most important discovery.'..He explains in depth the make-up and code of the DNA helix structure or the so-called blueprint to life...And he instructed Michael to carefully study the DNA structure so that he 'understood' it..