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BN_RumbleInTheJungle_08.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Alan Murray/BNPS..And relax... the boisterous cubs rejoin the pride to contemplate whats for breakfast...Rumble in the jungle!..Learning the law of the jungle can be tough as this no holds barred 'play' fight between young lions shows...The fray was started after two of the ferocious animals, stalked each other around the pride in the Phinda Reserve in Zululand, South Africa...They swiped at each other with their paws and rolled around on the floor, causing a commotion that woke the rest of the huge cats...Gradually, each of the lions joined in the tussle and took running leaps before pushing and hauling one another to the floor...The dramatic dust-up was was captured by amateur photographer Alan Murray, who was watching the group from the safety of a van...The pride of three lionesses and six youngsters surrounded his vehicle for about an hour in the scrap before they moved on to a nearby watering hole.