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BN_SouthGeorgiaSkyAtNight_012.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: AlistairWilson/BNPS..***Please Use Full Byline***..Samantha Crimmin at work in sub zero temperatures on the Harker Glacier in South Georgia...A British Doctors braved freezing conditions to capture unique pictures of the night sky from the tiny British island of South Georgia in the remote South Atlantic...Amateur photographer Samantha Crimmin's stunning photos of the sky at night over South Georgia have left locals so star-struck they have been turned into stamps...Dr Samantha Crimmin was working as an emergency medic for the British Antartic Survey team when she took the celestial images in her spare time...Dr Crimmin used long exposures and plenty of patience to create the incredible shots that show star trails in a perfect circular motion...Her gallery of photos depict the night sky above different locations on the tiny outpost in the south Atlantic...They include one above the Harker Glacier - named after British geologist Alfred Harker - and over the wrecks of two Norwegian whaling ships at Grytviken.