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Pregnant...there's an app for that.<br />
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Scientists are set to revolutionise medical care around the world<br />
after inventing the world's first ultrasound scanner for smartphones.<br />
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The MobiUS scanner plugs straight into smartphones and tablets,<br />
providing an instant scan image on the mobile device's screen.<br />
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Inventors say thanks to the device's portability and small price tag<br />
it could provide a breakthrough in medical care poor or<br />
disaster-struck countries.<br />
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Ultrasound scans use high frequency sound waves to create an image of<br />
body parts to help with diagnoses.<br />
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They are best known for their use during pregnancy to see the baby in<br />
the womb but are also used to scan organs such as the heart, lungs,<br />
liver, gall bladder and breasts.