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Medal card for a Pte James Baldrick.<br />
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Blackadder & Co. Really Did Go Forth in World War 1 - Forces War Records has the proof.<br />
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The names of Blackadder, Darling, Lieutenant George and Baldrick will be familiar to people nationwide thanks to the BBC’s Blackadder series.  But they may be surprised to learn that the characters, originally invented by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson, really did exist.  Specialist military genealogy website Forces War Records has the proof.  To mark the centenary of the Great War, Forces War Records has delved back into its six million military records to track down the real life counterparts of the characters made famous in Blackadder Goes Forth.The hugely popular Blackadder series ran from 1983-1989, ending its run in the trenches of World War I, where the exploits of Captain Blackadder, Private Baldrick, Captain Darling and Lieutenant George culminated in the characters going over the top for ‘one last hurrah’.