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Pic: BlenheimPalace/BNPS

'Cheiranthus' from Nov 6th 1795.<br />
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The stunning Blenheim Palace estate - a new exhibition reveals the vast estate was brought to its knees by an obsession with flower's.<br />
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A previously unseen set of delicate flower painting's put on show at Blenheim Palace actually reveal a Georgian obsession that brought down the 5th Duke of Marlborough.<br />
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The 18th century watercolour's by the Susan Spencer-Churchill, the 5th Duchess, have just been put on display her Oxfordshire home for the first time.<br />
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But the story behind the beautiful paintings uncovers the expensive fascination of the late Geogian aristocracy for the new found craze of plant hunting, which the Duke carried on to such an extent that his vast estate was actually plunged into insolvancy.