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BN_EyePoppingLollies_022.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: RachelAdams/BNPS..Tree frog...Not for the feint hearted.....A house wife has invented a creepy range of eye-popping lollies from a menagerie of cold blooded creatures that might not be to everyone's taste...Priscilla Briggs reptilliain creations are now slithering off the shelves as sweet toothed lollipot lovers from all over the world check out her booming website...Lizard lover Priscilla decided to try her hand at creating the unusual confectionery and mixed sugar with isomalt and corn syrup in a hot pan before pouring it into moulds...Priscilla let the sugary liquid set in two halves, and placed a circular image of a creepy eye over one of the segments...She then placed the two pieces together and waited for them to harden to give the effect of three-dimensional animal eyes...Her first batch of delicious home-made treats received good feedback and as she refined her skills the mother-of-three came up with more unusual ideas and designs...Priscilla, 32, has now produced a batch of 12 brightly coloured,  eyeball themed lollipops that wouldn't look out of place on a chameleon, python, or boa constrictor..