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FYI: Circled, Liz Richards (65) and Sarah Usher (34) in the water.<br />
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This is the heart-stopping moment two British sailors are washed off the side of a yacht as it is knocked flat by a tornado in the middle of the ocean.<br />
Sarah Usher and Liz Richards are seen desperately trying to grab hold of the 70ft boat as they are swept overboard when the freak weather conditions hit.<br />
Their 70ft yacht was blown onto one side as the wind built then smashed almost 180 degrees onto the other as the tornado struck.<br />
Winds of more than 115mph pinned the capsized yacht down for around 60 seconds.<br />
Dramatic footage of the ordeal shows the boat's crew dragging the pair out of the water and back on board the boat as the winds ease.<br />
The tornado can then be seen disappearing into the distance as the boat returns to upright.<br />
Sarah, 34, from Hull, East Yorks, and Liz, 65, from Dartmouth, Devon, were both wearing life jackets at the time and were shaken but uninjured in the ordeal.<br />
They were part of an 18-strong crew on the Great Britain yacht competing in the Clipper Round the World Race, a 40,000-mile yacht race for amateur sailors.