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BN_UnseenPicturesOfEverestConquest_07.jpg (01202) 558833.Pic: George Lowe/Thames&Hudson..***Must Use Full Byline***..Nearing the summit - Hillary and Tenzing at 27,300ft high on the South-East Ridge...Never-before-seen photographs of the famous British Mount Everest conquest in 1953 have come to light 60 years after the historic ascent...The snaps were taken by expedition member George Lowe who documented the historic first ever trek to the summit of the world's tallest peak...Many of Lowe's photographs have been widely published before but these eight images were kept by Lowe, possibly because he thought the others were better...Now, nearly 60 years to the day Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man in the world to conquer Everest, the pictures have been made available for a new book to commemorate the feat.