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Kevan Sheehan with the pliosaur that is on display at Dorset County Museum, Dorchester.<br />
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British scientists have identified a new species of a huge pre-historic sea monster and have named it after the fossil hunter who found it - Kevan. The fossilised remains of the 8.5ft long jaw from a 60ft long pliosaur. was four times more powerful than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Experts pieced the 25 parts together that were painstakingly unearthed over five years by Kevan Sheehan (68), near his Osmington home, in Weymouth, Dorset. Although a handful of pliosaur specimens have been found before, Kevan's beast has been identified as a new species that was bigger and stronger than its cousins. Scientists have now named it Pliosaurus kevani.