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BN_WildGarlicThriving_06.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: PeterWillows/BNPS..Wild garlic carpets the forest floor like a green mat, engulfing forager Loren Materaacki after a bumper year...With crops failing and garden centres struggling in seems mother nature has looked kindly on the natural wonders of Wild Garlic and bluebells - with amazing displays of both...This sea of wild garlic blooming in Sixpenny Handley in North Dorset is evidence of just how much the plant thrives in woodland...The plant, a cousin of the chive, can be confused with deadly Lily of the Valley - but is recognisable by its strong garlic aroma...Its Latin name allium ursinum means 'bear's garlic' as it is favoured by bears after they wake from hibernation...