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Mick Leak's postal round has been saved by the local people of Chetnole, Dorset.<br />
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A much-loved village postman who faced losing his round has been reinstated after the locals he served for 24 years staged a vociferous campaign to save his job.

The community in the unspoilt village of Chetnole in Dorset launched a petition, put up banners and lobbied the Royal Mail when they were told their beloved postman, Mick Leak, would no longer deliver to their village.

Instead, a more senior colleague whose round was to merge with Mr Leak's route under plans to modernise the service was given first choice over the job.

Now the usually mild-mannered people of Chetnole have been called 'disgraceful' by the postal worker's union after the postman due to take over pulled out because he felt 'intimidated' by their 'hostile' campaign.