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Pic: DorsetPolice/BNPS<br />
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Screenshots from shocking CCTV footage of an armed robbery at a jewellers in Bournemouth.<br />
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Michael Adiat pulls out a gun of his trousers and threatens shop assistant Ben-Simon Charles and shop owner Jeff Franses.<br />
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Shocking CCTV that shows how two violent armed robbers posed as respectable customers before overpowering staff at a jewellers armed with handguns and a lump hammer has emerged.

The two smart looking men sat down at a desk with shop assistant Ben-Simon Charles, who showed them luxury watches worth up to £50,000.

Without warning one of them stands up, pulls out a pistol hidden under his jacket. His accomplice pulls a gun from his waistband and grabs Mr  Charles in a headlock while threatening to kill him and shop owner Jeff Franses.

The assailant wielding the hammer threatens a third employee with it before smashing the reinforced glass of display cabinets to get to the expensive watches.