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BN_Cucamelon_05.jpg (01202 558833).Pix: Suttons/BNPS..James Wong - Has championed Cucamelons...An exotic plant that produces a miniature watermelon-like fruit has been launched in Britain for the first time and is set to transform the traditional salad...The cucamelon looks like a tiny version of the juicy football-sized fruit but when eaten it has the distinctive taste of a cucumber with a hint of lime...They are used in salsa, can be pickled, or eaten on their own and have been used in Mexico for centuries...Despite being stocked by some supermarkets the unusual crop, often known as a mouse melon or Mexican sour gherkin, is rarely seen in British gardens...A company has begun selling seeds to the cucamelon plant - Melothria scabra in Latin - as well as providing bulbs to the public...Devon-based Suttons Seeds have brought the cucamelon plant to the UK in conjuction with James Wong, a garden designer and television presenter, and his new book..