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BN_EarliestE-Type_04.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Bonhams/BNPS..***Please Use Full Byline***..Original interior may need a bit of spit and polish...Birth of a legend - rediscovered in a dusty old barn...One of the earliest E-Type Jaguars still in existance has been uncovered in a Somerset barn...Although not exactly in showroom condition the 1961 convertible was only the 59th E-Type to be built, and experts reckon it is one of only a handful to survive from the earliest days of the iconic British motor...The completely original car has been languishing in the barn near Bath for over 30 years after the running costs became to much for its owner...On its launch in 1961 even fierce rival Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type as "the most beautiful car ever built" and they soon became celebrated for their sleek design and top speed of 150mph...Although this historic car has an estimate of £30,000 at auction it will take the proud new owner at least another£50,000 to restore it to its former glory - but then the almost unique car will be worth at least £120,000.