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Tired of the rat-race? - the Good Life is up for grabs at this west country farmhouse in 7 acres that is self sufficient in food and electricity...and even WINE!!<br />
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£850,000 buys you Tuckerton Farm near Bridgwater, Somerset, which is not only self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables, but it even has its own vineyard to provide 200 bottles of wine a year.<br />
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There is also chickens, which provide a steady supply of eggs, an orchard with cider, cooking and eating apples and they offset their electricity bill by selling the electric from their solar panels back to the grid.<br />
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The rundown house was in such a bad state when Barbara Pitkin, 60, and her wife Sue Frost, 52, bought it that their surveyor told them not to buy it and did not charge them for his services.