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BN_BornToBeMild_09.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: PeterWillows/BNPS..The rear hub conceals the motor...Born to be mild.....Easy Rider Nigel Bryant from Poole in Dorset has built himself a customised green machine based on the iconic Easy Rider road movie from the late sixties...More city shopper than Dennis Hopper though, Nigel's 'Chopper' has substituted a Harley Davidson engine with a eco friendly 36 volt electric motor...Nigel(56) had a childhood dream to build a pushbike in the iconic style and took up the challenge when he was made redundant. He retired to his garage and a year later his unique machine rolled out. ..Any 'road trip' might be slightly limited by the bikes 30 mile range and a 20mph top speed - But if you run out of juice you can always pedal your way back home...The bike, dubbed the 'Eco Rider', is powered by a motor and lithium battery which is activated once the pedals are turned, meaning it is emission free and virtually silent.....