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BN_ShetlandPonyMothersLamb_02.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Georgina Hirst/BNPS..***Please use full byline***..This Shetland pony must have gone baa-my - after it adopted an orphaned lamb...Despite having a young foal of its own, the mother pony allowed the lamb to feed from it and even stood watch over her new family member at night...The odd couple forged their unlikely friendship in the Black Mountains in Wales, where more than 2,000 sheep and around 60 horses roam...Horserider Georgina Hirst did a double take when she spotted the pair feeding while out riding...Georgina, 29, an equine vet from Hay on the Wye, said: "I was out riding one day and I spotted a baby lamb feeding..."The first time I saw it I couldn't quite believe it - I thought I might be imagining it..."But then I saw it again and again over the space of about a week..."It seemed the Shetland mare had adopted the orphaned lamb and was letting it feed from her..