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BN_HotelForDogs_04.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Phil Yeomans/BNPS..Upmarket hotel for posh dogs.....Sarah Mountford of House of Mutt - Britains first 'five star' hotel for hounds - set up to offer luxury accomodation for Britains top dogs in the heart of rural Suffolk...Sarah offers a luxury retreat for some of Britain's most pampered pooches where the highly strung pets can relax and unwind from the stresses of urban life and demanding owners...With no kennels or cages Sarah's pamperred pooches get the canine answer to an up-market Spa resort with long walks, stress checks, warm fires, comfy couches, medical onceover's, shampoos and they can even have their portrait painted..before being delivered back to the door of their grateful owner's..Sarah is struggling to kep up ith demand for her new venture based in Fakenham magna...with many owners asking if they can book in as well.