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BN_CamelvRhino_06.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: IanTurner/BNPS..Fearsome Rhino turns Runofferous as protective Camel dad gets the hump...Wacky races.....A three ton Rhino throwing its weight around at the Longleat Safari park in Wiltshire was sent packing by a feisty Bactrian camel looking after its newly born daughter. The notoriously bad tempered Rhino even suffered the indignity of a bite on its retreating rump as the fearless dromedary chased it round the park...Proud father Dougie was looking after his newly born daughter Nikki when the short sighted White Rhino strolled to close to them, As the calf took flight the protective father leapt into action and a high speed chase ensued leaving Marashi the White Rhino red faced...Fortunately with both species being endangered in the wild it was only the Rhino's pride that was damaged.