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BN_AquaDrones_09.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: AlSeer/BNPS..***Please Use Full Byline***..Oscar- The largest 'stealth' boat in the fleet. 50 kts and 600 mile range...If you see one of these floating menacingly towards you, the advice is to get far away from it as quickly as possible...This daunting 35ft vessel belongs to the world's first fleet of unmanned 'robo-boats', designed to thwart pirates and take on dangerous covert missions without endangering the lives of crew...Looking like a cross between a miniature Navy warship and a stealth bomber, they are the waterborne equivalent of the unmanned drone planes used by the UK and US militaries in the fight against terror...The Eclipse unmanned surveillance vessels can operate 24 hours a day, travel at 60mph and can be kitted out with enough weaponry to blow adversaries out of the.water...The cutting edge boats boast state-of-the-art technology that allows it to undertake search and rescue missions or patrol dangerous waters without requiring crew...They have a range of up to 600 miles and can loiter at low speeds for 10 days without refuelling...Powered by two 500 horsepower water jets made by Rolls Royse, the Eclipse range also boast £650,000 giroscopic HD cameras which take pictures of their surroundings, analysing them for potential threats and and relaying.information back to a manned control station.