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BN_TurtleSwinsuit_02.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: RachelAdams/BNPS..In the swim.....Ali the rescued Green turtle, that sadly used to float like a butterfly and swim like a bee, now has a new lease of life after staff at the Weymouth Sealife centre invented the worlds first dive belt for the endangered sea creatures...In 2001 Ali - named after the legendary boxer -was hit by a boat in Florida which left an air bubble under her shell that prevented her from submerging and causing her to float bottom up...Despite weighing 65 kilos, she was stranded on the surface...Now a team at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in Dorset have created a pioneering belt with removable weights that works just like a diver's weight belt...The new invention is believed to be the first of its kind - and means Ali, thought to be 15-20 years old, can dive again...Fiona Smith, curator at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, said: "The common thing to do is to stick weights to injured turtles' shells to allow them to dive but where Ali's shell was in slightly worse condition because of her accident it wasn't that easy..."My team and I started thinking about how else we could attach the weights, and came up with the idea of a harness..."We took the idea to a nearby dive shop and they came back to us with a custom-built dive belt we could slip weights into...