Unseen Titanic photographs

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PICTURED: Another image of Titanic (right) shows it leaving the quayside in Southampton. 
In the background are the liners Oceanic and New York which both had a near miss with Titanic. <br />
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An incredibly rare photograph that was taken on board the Titanic while the liner was on he doomed maiden voyage has surfaced.

The poignant image was taken by a first class passenger who was stood on the boat deck as Titanic crossed the Solent about an hour after slipping its mooring.

Father Francis Browne leant over the railing to capture the pilot boat leaving Titanic for the last time having picked up harbour pilot George Bowyer.

Mr Bowyer had just manoeuvred the 46,000 tonne ship out of congested Southampton Water and into the Solent on April 10, 1912.