One man's remarkable lifetime collection of 1,800 Matchbox toy cars are expected to make him £250k.

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BNPS_500KToyCars_22.jpg (01202) 558833. <br />
Pic: VectisAuctions/BNPS<br />
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Pictured: Graham Hamilton, 54, <br />
(right) with the collection and a Vectis auctioneer<br />
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A man who spent 30 years building an epic collection of Matchbox toy cars is celebrating today after it sold for £480,000.<br />
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Graham Hamilton, 55, fell in love with the miniature toys as a child and would put them back in their boxes after playing with them.<br />
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He began collecting seriously in his early 20s after retrieving a box of his treasured toys from his parents' loft.<br />
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Graham spent over £100,000 acquiring 1,800 Matchbox cars, which was virtually every one made at Matchbox's old Lesney factory in London<br />
between 1962 and 1982.