Nelson's broadside to fellow Admiral revealed.

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Fascinating letters in which a cash-strapped Admiral Lord Nelson fired a financial broadside at his commanding officer in an unseemly row over prize money have come to light.

The letters from Nelson's banker relate to much needed bounty the one-armed sailor felt he was due in the wake of one of the most lucrative naval engagements in history. 

Nelson had been overlooked a pay out for the 1799 capture of two Spanish frigates loaded with gold bullion which had a combined value of £650,000 - £65m in today's money.

Nelson, who by this stage had to pay a hefty mortage on his grand home in Surrey, was in debt to ex-wife Fanny and had to keep mistress Emma Hamilton in the style she was accustomed to, was livid.

Mellors & Kirk auctions - 22 March - Est £3000.