Heroic husband and wife's medals sell.

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Sir Peter Hilton's medals are on the top and his wife Lady Winifred's medals are the bottom fight set.<br />
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An impressive group of Second World War medals awarded to a remarkable husband and wife have emerged for auction and are tipped to sell for £10,000.<br />
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Courageous Colonel Sir Peter Hilton was one of only 25 men to be awarded the Military Cross three times, while his wife Lady Winifred was a member of the Women's Auxillary Air Force who worked in special operations on radar, decoding and cyphers in Liverpool and Belfast.<br />
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The supercouple - who amassed a staggering 19 medals between them - met in 1940 when Sir Peter was billeted in Matlock, Derbyshire, after being evacuated from Dunkirk. They got married two years later.