A-ha! - Steve Coogan's Aston Martin DBS for sale.

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Ah-ha - £165,000 buys you comedian Steve Coogan's beloved Aston Martin DBS supercar.<br />
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The Alan Partridge creator, who is an avid car collector, has owned the four-seater dark blue 1970 Aston Martin DBS V8 since 2011.<br />
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This particular example was the original factory press car used to launch the new V8 model. In 1971, it was taken onto the unfinished M4 and tested over a mile, clocking at an impressive average speed of 160mph.<br />
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Coogan's Partridge character used to drive a beige Rover 800 which was famously grafittied with 'C*ck P*ss Partridge', and he also bought a Lexus IS300 he fondly referred to as 'the Japanese Mercedes' before driving straight into a bollard.